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Ask Your Guru: Jutei Asks Moodification

It has been a while since our last Ask Your Guru feature. Hey, it has been tough looking for the best Community members to do the questioning and answering for this curious article of ours!

But we’re back this month! And we’re sure to bring you the most intriguing film photography questions ever asked in our Community. To welcome the first week of June, meet our featured Lomographers for our favorite Ask Your Guru!


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Lomography Camera of the Day - Lomography Diana F+
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Mario Merz at Konrad Fischer

Avengers Wallpaper Revamp

So cute.

"What you say and how you look does not define who you are, because some of the most beautiful people do the ugliest things. You owe it to the people who hate you, who disrespect you and who put you down. Because they are the ones who have made you who you are today; for keeping your head up and not breaking down when they want you to."

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8 Mashup Face Gifs That’ll Scramble Your Brain [Click for more]

They’re still beautiful to us. What happens when you mash up some celeb faces and turn them into gifs? You’re about to find out because we have a list of 8 that you won’t be able to ever forget. 



Get Lucky is the #1 song on Spotify! 
We can’t wait for Random Access Memories to arrive this month. Follow Daft Punk now to be the first to know when the album lands on Spotify.